Founded in 2014 by Pete Sunderland and Ross Baynham, Instrmnt launched with just one product: Instrmnt 01. The watch saw instant popularity thanks primarily to its minimal, industrial design and quality but also because of its packaging. Delivered unassembled, the watches arrive with tools for the customer to build their own watch. This became an iconic aspect of the brand.


Not a company satisfied by staying still, since 2014 Ross and Pete have been designing new styles with the brand’s signature minimal allure and, most recently, new packaging. The label has quietly redesigned its packaging to align with a more sustainable viewpoint.

What’s the new packaging made of?

The box itself is constructed from 100% recycled greyboard which is then wrapped in GF Smith Extract paper stock. Sounds good but what does it mean? Extract stock is made of disposable coffee cups and chlorine-free tree fibres. This material is a world first, with each Instrmnt box accounting for approximately 1.9 recycled coffee cups.

Within the box, the components of your new Instrmnt watch are protected by Acoustic Textile Felt produced by Really CPH, a sustainability project by Kvadrat, one of the world’s most trusted textile companies. Textiles that have reached the end of their journey are made into a usable protective blend of wool and thermoplastic binder.

What comes in the box?

As you slide your fully sustainable Instrmnt box apart, you’ll be greeted by a supremely tasteful display. Standing side by side are each side of the strap, your tool, a signature open face and three spring bars – you’ll only need two but there’s a spare just in case one fires off during assembly, never to be seen again.

Instrmnt is a brand that proves that doing few things to perfection is better than doing many things poorly. The brand's small collection is constantly being fine-tuned, whether it's components of the watch, presentation or packaging.

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