In a world when more and more brands are appearing, and we have less and less time to discover the ones worth our time, the select few that stand out are founded on a solid concept. That could be great materials, renovating classic design, brand ethics, or, like Stepney Workers Club, a little bit of all of that with a touch of philosophy sprinkled on top.

Stepney Workers Club

Stepney Workers Club was established in 2018 in East London. The name comes from a respect for the inclusiveness of traditional Workers Sports Clubs. The brand message of ‘Freedom of Sport, Freedom of Thought’ and the distinctive handshake symbol represent the values, liberal thinking and unity that we associate with these groups. 

The Stepney Workers Club Story

In-keeping with the inclusive starting point and inspiration for the brand, Stepney Workers Club produce only one model of shoe. The Dellow Sneaker is a completely unisex model that comes in a range of colourways. 

This attitude of renovation and reinvention means that Stepney Workers Club’s free-thinking approach and spirit is consistently relevant, being part of the times while simultaneously moving with them. Creating unisex footwear, rethinking timeless, genderless vulcanised classics that have been adopted by varying sub-cultures over the decades. 

Stepney Workers Club

Stepney Workers Club

Our Top 3 Stepney Workers Club Sneakers

Stepney Workers Club Black Hairy Suede Dellow Sneakers

Producing only one model of shoe means that the materials are the main focus for Stepney Workers Club. This hairy suede iteration of the Dellow sneaker keeps it dark and cool from a distance but up-close it’s a playful addition to your outfit.

Stepney Workers Club White Leather Dellow Sneakers

The premium leather of this variation is arguably the star of the show. The brand have managed to keep the price down but the quality high. The off-white sole contrasts perfectly with the pristine leather upper to create a timeless classic. Which is quite an achievement for a debut sneaker collection. 

Stepney Workers Club Magazine Print Canvas Dellow Sneakers

More eye-catching than the brand’s other offerings, the Magazine Print Dellow sneaker is filled out with various magazine cuttings that automatically nudges the monochrome sneaker above a lot of similar colour-minded sneakers. Not to mention, the signature vulcanised sole that shows the Workers Club motto: Freedom of Sport, Freedom of Thought

Stepney Workers Club

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