We are aware that there will always be a little scepticism when introduced to a new sneaker brand, as it often takes a lot for us all to veer away from what we know – after all, that is what has made Converse, Adidas, Common Projects and the like so successful, they’re practically uniform. So, to put the sceptics to bed, we are giving you a full low-down on one of our favourite sneaker brands in this full JAK review.

Since its launch, JAK has garnered a lot of attention for putting its own spin on the ever-popular premium sneaker, and the precision, care and the quality craftsmanship of each shoe is clear to see as soon as you unbox them. First of all, the full-grain leather uppers — which are completely sourced and manufactured in Portugal — feel soft, supple and incredibly comfortable. Take a closer look at the popular JAK Atom sneaker and the quality is made even clearer. Due to the Atom’s unique one-piece-of-leather design, the sneakers’ flexibility and durability is almost unrivalled. The full-grain leather not only carries natural markings that will age beautifully over time, but it also gathers at the tongue to provide the Atom with its soft, stand-up design.

The most important part of any sneaker review, of course, is sizing. When it comes to JAK sizing, all JAK sneakers fit true to size, while the toebox on each sneaker is a little slimmer than your average – think of it as a fit more akin to a pair of Common Projects than the slightly wider Adidas Stan Smith. The insole is also incredibly comfortable right out of the box, making every pair of JAK sneakers incredibly easy to wear right away, and necessitating less breaking in than other sneakers.

Every pair of JAK sneakers is made instantly recognisable thanks to its refined appearance, impactful presentation and unique colourways that range from the classic Royal Navy and Black hues to the more progressive and equally popular Mustard and Grape designs. One of our particular favourite, the JAK Olympic sneakers, come with a lightweight sports rubber sole and a subtle two-tone leather upper. The Olympics’ high-shine leather uppers and contrasting calfskin linings will make for a wonderfully low-key sneaker and will offer the perfect contrast to a grey tapered trouser for more formal occasions.

  1. JAK
    Arsenic Royal Nobuk Sneakers
  2. JAK
    White / Red Atlas Sneakers
  3. JAK
    Dust Nova Sneakers
  4. JAK
    White / Black Atlas Sneakers
  5. JAK
    Light Grey Atom Sneakers
  6. JAK
    Hazel Royal Sneakers
  7. JAK
    Dust / Blue Atlas Sneakers
  8. JAK
    Dust G3 Sneakers
  9. JAK
    All White Atom Sneakers
  10. JAK
    White / Black Royal Sneakers
  11. JAK
    Mutton Legacy Sneakers
  12. JAK
    Dust Royal Sneakers
  13. JAK
    Black Atom Sneakers
  14. JAK
    Dark Blue Royal Sneakers
  15. JAK
    Grape Olympic Sneakers

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