Parisian photographer Karl Hab is a man accustomed to seeing the beauty of things from above. Following on from the success of ‘Window Seat Please – a book that displays a collection of ombre skies that were captured on an airplane seat – the photographer has hit new heights with his latest collection of aerial images that captures LA’s unique sporting landscape.

Lensing colourful tennis courts, football fields and basketball hoops, Hab’s aerial gallery reveals a unique perspective on the places we all love to play and interact with, but seemingly overlook. Hab took it upon himself to document the under-appreciated courts with a visual exploration into the different geometric landscapes that make up these spaces, as he goes on to explain below.

“It’s really about the beauty of the lines, and of the courts. The discovery was slightly accidental, because I was flying and I couldn’t help but notice these crazy lines, so I captured them.

“The playing fields caught my eyes during my first helicopter flight back in 2013. It’s always amazing to see the grounds of primary schools from that perspective, joyful and full of colour. The hues are very lively, and you can get lost in the geometrical forms, circles, rectangles and dotted lines.”

Take a look at our favourite images in the gallery above and check out more of Karl Hab’s mesmeric work over on his Tumblr.