The benefits of integrating new art prints and posters into your home and workspace are well documented – just check out our 8 art prints to suit any interior edit for evidence – but, unearthing something unique or a new name in modern art is always easier said than done. So, to save time for you searching through reams of the world’s new artists, we thought we would introduce you to one of our favourite new brands, Paper Collective, who bring together a range of its favourite designers, artists and illustrators to create limited-edition modern art prints.

Paper Collective do a lot of the leg work for you when it comes to finding wall art that will actually look good in your home. For one, the Danish collective demonstrate how affordable art prints do not have to be mass-produced works. They do this by bringing together its favourite designers, artists and illustrators to collaborate on iconic limited-edition graphic prints.

Secondly, the brand’s three most important principles are social responsibility, sustainability and creative partnerships, which is why each Paper Collective product is linked to a good cause somewhere in the world. For every art print, Paper Collective donate 10% to a good cause chosen by the artist. What is more, Paper Collective is an entirely sustainable operation, producing locally in Denmark to provide a one-stop destination for any kind of art for your walls.

Below, we’ve picked out some of the best conversation-starting pieces from some of our favourite Paper Collective art prints.

Paper Collective Floating Leaves Print

The benefits of integrating plant life into your home and workspace are well documented, however, the upkeep and burden of plant ownership often deters people from developing their green fingers. But in order to make vegetation more accessible to all, Paper Collective have teamed up with  MOEBE and Norm Architects to release a series of art prints that include leaves suspended within an individual frame.

The Floating Leaves series is inspired by the gathering of botanic samples and classical botanic illustration. The photographed leaves rest somewhere between healthy greenery and decay, and the floating leaves feature transparent botanical photographs that give the illusion of real-life leaves suspended within the frame. The photographs were made using UV printing allowing a photo to be printed onto transparent foil. The prints, which come in three different sizes and a variety of designs, also highlight Paper Collective's alignment with creativity and nature.



Paper Collective Terrazzo Print

When it comes to alternatives to Paper Collective’s most-popular prints – namely the Floating Leaves selection and the Paper Collective Resting Feet series – the Terrazzo Print is the obvious choice because of its depth of character. Terrazzo is a classic flooring material consisting of stones set in concrete, and Paper Collective challenge the material characteristics by making the terrazzo paper crispy thin and lightweight. But the sentiment remains. The light and shadows on each terrazzo folding makes it stand out from the background and gives the art print a special type of texture that you do not ordinarily see in modern art prints.

Paper Collective Norm Layers Print

Norm Architects were recently named Danish designers of the year – and given the incredible length and breadth of the country’s design - it’s a fairly extraordinary achievement. The design studio has made its mark by impressing with their range of soft minimalist furniture, lighting and accessories as well as collaborating with a range of companies such as Menu, and more recently, Paper Collective. For its collaboration with Paper Collective, Norm Architects splash ink onto a surface to display how it is one of ‘the most unpredictable and exciting means of applying colour’ The result, is a unique print that creates an illusion of spatial depth and differentiating shades of colour – which is a touch above your average piece of wall art.


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