Acclaimed New York-based studio Martin Thompson has unveiled a new collection of photographic-inspired textiles that has launched as part of the London Design Festival within the Brompton Design District.

The new collection of fabrics, inspired by ‘gazing into sea, the play of motion and dancing on the rocks below’, celebrates the unforgiving sea and the unending shift of tides. Titled, ‘Rock Pool’, the textiles have been woven in 100% cotton on jacquard loom to form abstract fabrics that replicate the evolving motion of the sea.



The murky colour tones of the ocean floor are a natural extension of Martyn Thompson’s photography as his images are intricately woven into his work. The photos for this collection reflect the water’s ever-changing tones and motions that he regularly captures while observing the sea. The textiles also represent Martyn’s love for the ‘accidental’ of turning ‘your camera toward the ever fluid sea you just cannot be sure what the result will be’.



Invariably, the result is an enchanting array of upholstery, furnishings and wall hangings that make up one of London Design Festival’s must-see exhibits. So be sure to pay a visit to the pop-up installation in the Brompton Design District before the exhibit closes on the 25th September 2016.