Making use of sustainable materials, offering living solutions previously unthought of, Manta North offers a range of pre-fabricated living spaces, suitable as both a weekend getaway or a permanent residence.

Every Manta North pre-fabricated building offers an ingenious space to live, work or play. Making use of high-grade CLT (cross laminated timber), tiled and parquet flooring, aluminium triple-glazed windows, thermally-treated wood and water repellent surfaces, each plan is made to the highest quality and with sustainable materials.

Manta North’s designs are created to be self sufficient and ‘plug and play’, meaning once built, you’re good to go. Standard equipment includes a WC and shower as well as a sink and mixer, dimmable LED lights and switches, and a kitchen with stove, extractor, oven and small fridge. 

One of the most interesting aspects of Manta North’s builds though is the fact they are modular, so you can add to them and build further. Plug in additions including a kitchen island, a dishwasher, washing machine, a tiled walk-in shower, and exterior facades which further the premium look and feel of each home. 

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