Founded in 2006, Mater is one of Denmark’s front-running design companies. Collaborating with both established and upcoming designers has allowed Mater to explore Danish design in its entirety. While the brand offers an eclectic range of furniture, the thread that connects it all is sustainability. Mater’s design philosophy revolves around ethics and sustainability. Using methods that support people, local craft traditions and the environment, Mater’s sustainable furniture is high-end and responsible.

Mater’s sustainable wooden furniture takes part in Scandinavia’s long love affair with understated, clean design. A lack of detailing ensures that the basic form of each piece is the centre of attention – all focus is on the materials and craftsmanship. This quietly confident approach to design is one to take notice of. Here are our top picks from the brand that recently hit the OPUMO pages.


Mater 69cm Soaped Beech High Stool

Boasting the design of Danish architect duo Space Copenhagen, Mater’s Soaped Beech High Stool is seen as a new Danish classic. The flowing, organic shapes complement the overarching minimalist style. This high stool is perfect for kitchen counters and bars alike and is suitable for residential or commercial use. We love the soaped oak which lends the stool a raw, untreated quality perfect for blending into clean colour palettes.


Mater Winston Daybed

Mater stands out from other sustainable furniture brands thanks to the seamless linking of sustainable materials and modern style. While many sustainable furniture companies opt for a noticeably natural style, Mater doesn’t stray from contemporary Scandinavian minimalism. The Winston Daybed is a modern take on classic daybeds, using traditional techniques and retaining the canework detailing.


Mater Matt White Lacquered Ø110 Accent Dining Table

Accent Dining Table takes on many of the same qualities as the High Stool. Featuring a matte white lacquered finish, the table is intentionally basic. Four elegant legs merge fluidly with the tabletop in a display of high-quality craftsmanship. With a diameter of 110cm, this dining table  shapes the way that we use it, encouraging social interaction.



Mater Double Bottle

The most useful item you never knew you needed (or existed). Mater’s Double Bottle is made of hand-blown borosilicate glass which was originally used for laboratory glassware, hence the material promises a high level of resistance to thermal shock, so you can pour anything into Double Bottle. Get creative: Mater suggests sparkling and still water, cordial and water or Aperol and Prosecco. Keep your mixed drinks in one place for a stylish and simple way to serve.

Mater Brass Imago Mirror Object

One sheet of brass is bent at 158 degrees to make the hypnotising Brass Imago Mirror Object. Named after the final stage in the metamorphosis of the butterfly. 'Imago' is the stage at which the butterfly has developed fully and has grown wings which usually sit at an angle of 158 degrees. The polished brass construction is a purely decorative element for a wall, reflecting and slightly distorting surrounding features.


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