You'll know McLaren as multiple Formula One championship winners and makers of speedy supercars - now they've engineered all of that experience and technology into their first ever electric mountain bike. As you'd expect from such a distinguished name in fast transport, it's not just any electric mountain bike but, McLaren say, it's the world's most powerful trail-legal electric mountain bike. We want one already, and there's more.

Carbon fibre was pioneered by McLaren in Formula One. So it should come as no surprise that this super-lightweight super-tough material plays a big part in their high-performance electric mountain bike range. Frame on both Extreme and Sport versions of McLaren's bike is made entirely of carbon fibre, also used in construction of McLaren supercars and in their all-conquering Extreme-E off-road racers. McLaren say their engineers worked for 1,000 hours on the frame design of the mountain bike, "a level of craftsmanship rarely seen outside the high-performance automotive world", as McLaren put it. Exactly the dedication you'd expect.

Big choice now. Which version of McLaren's electric mountain bike is for you? Hardtail Sport 250 is described as an "aggressive and uncompromising eMTB platform". Removable 540Wh battery powers a 250W motor, with SRAM GX 12-speed drivetrain, wheels are carbon fibre and front and central there's an integrated carbon fibre cockpit and digital dash.

Full suspension Extreme 250 is for you if you're after longer range adventures, with RockShox providing both front fork and sophisticated suspension system. SRAM provide their XX Eagle AXS Transmission and G2 RE 4-piston brakes. Battery and electric motor are designed for long-life rather than the startling power instantly available on the Sport 250. Both versions, we are happy to report, carry the storied McLaren logo prominently on the frame.

McLaren are taking orders right now, for delivery in ninety days or so, just in time for the autumn mountain biking season. Pricing is a little higher than you'd pay for an average electric motorbike but then this is McLaren we're talking about. Extreme 250 electric mountain bike will cost you £9,600 while Sport 250 has a £7,200 sticker price. Will Lando Norris give you lessons on how to ride faster? You can always ask.

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