“This is a dwelling for the caveman of the future; the ruins of a civilisation, now extinct, which was more advanced than the one we’re living in now,” explains Mexican artist Pedro Reyes. Pedro is referring to the home he has built alongside his wife, fashion designer Carla Fernandez – a conceptual home which also serves as a creative headquarters for the pair of pioneering designers.

Situated in Coyoacan, in the South of Mexico City, the home is more than just a living space; as the property is an embodiment of the country’s vibrant artistic history and traditions. Which is visibly displayed through the touches of Lemon Yellow and Maganeta deployed as a tribute to Mexican architect Luis Barragan; forming a beautiful contrast against the cement-bricks of the home.

As aforementioned, the property also acts as an exhibition space; displaying a diverse collection of Pedro’s furniture and sculptural work. The eclectic selection of art and craft is wonderfully displayed amongst the blank canvas of home; as the hammered concrete walls not only provide a rustic feel to the property, but also the perfect backdrop for Pedro to showcase his most cherished pieces of art.

However, the concrete shell of the home is mellowed through the interior decoration, particularly the heavy furniture hewn from volcanic stone, as well as the abundance of greenery entwined throughout the interior. In fact, the couple designed a multitude of the furniture themselves - the bespoke lava-stone master bath and basin and the concrete kitchen table are artworks of their own right.

For the ultimate interior inspiration, take a closer look at the entire property below and check out the Concrete House by Luciano Kruk for more minimalist design.

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