Project name: Weekend House Nové Hamry | Location: Nové Hamry, Ore Mountains, Czech Republic | Completed: 2021 | Architects: NEW HOW Architects

NEW HOW architects have completed their latest project – a holiday home in the Ore Mountains that almost appears as if it's being swallowed up by the surrounding forest. Nestled among the trees, Weekend House Nové Hamry celebrates the tones and textures of its environment, drawing inspiration from the various shades of grey in the trees, granite and basalt rocks, as well as the dark green needles and trunks of the local spruces.

The house's facade and roof are covered in dark aluminium, the rough surface and vertical seams of which vaguely resemble oiled black wood and spruce trunks. Keeping in line with their attunement to the surrounding nature, the architects have taken seasonally changing local climatic conditions into consideration, creating a steep roof angle to allow for heavy snow loads in winter.

A 'lookout tower' adds height to the structure and serves as a studio, library or refuge, with a square window that frames a view of the treetops, sky and landscape. The bedrooms – with space for up to 10 people –  are located on the floor below, which is partly formed by a net that functions as a rest area and establishes a connection with the lowest level. According to NEW HOW architects, this is "a place where you can unleash your imagination". Finally, the lowest level of the house – the entry level – is the main communal area, featuring a kitchen and central fireplace that encourages socialising and lively conversation.

Photography courtesy of Petr Polák.

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