Offering seclusion, serenity and respite from hectic city life, the humble cabin has a lot going for it. The appeal is even more significant now, when travel restrictions have us craving escape more than ever. So for the time being, we're indulging our wanderlust by – virtually – touring some of the most impressive cabins created in recent years.

From modern takes on traditional log cabins to customisable flat-pack cabins, these next generation wilderness retreats represent the best of contemporary cabin architecture. Scroll on to transport yourself.

Thunder Top Cabin

Sitting on the barren moorlands of  Hardangervidda National Park in Norway, Gartnerfuglen Arkitekter's Thunder Top Cabin is an utterly unique structure that makes the most of its rugged surroundings. The cabin's distinctive stepped roof acts as a panoramic viewpoint or ski jump in winter. Inspired by traditional open-hearth cottages, the multi-functional minimalist interior is essentially one large room with multiple nooks for reading – the perfect retreat for whiling away a winter.

Photography by Ivar Kval.

Chalet Lakeside

Canadian architecture firm Atelier Schwimmer is responsible for the innovative design of Chalet Lakeside – a contemporary wooden cabin on the banks of Lake Brom in Montreal. Combining charred larch wood with paler larch treated with natural oil, the exterior offers a playful juxtaposition between light and dark. Inside, an open-plan living space revolves around a concrete fireplace in the centre of the room and opens up to invite the stunning outdoor environment in.

Photography by Adrien Williams.

Cabin ANNA

Architectural designer Caspar Schols created Cabin ANNA – a multifunctional flat-pack cabin – based on the design of his award-winning 2016 project ‘Garden House’. The moving wooden structure can be rearranged and fully customised to suit its inhabitants' needs. "A dynamic home in the shape of an open platform to live with rather than against the elements, by playing with the configuration of the layers of the house – just like the way you dress yourself to suit different weather conditions, occasions and moods," says Schols.

Photography by Jorrit ‘t Hoen & Tonu Tunnel.

Cabin Stokkøya

Kappland Arkitekter’s Cabin Stokkøya is a minimalist's dream. It demonstrates a masterful use of space, with a long block that acts as a living, dining and kitchen area and two smaller blocks to the north and south that are purposed as bedrooms. Situated on an island located on the outermost coast of Trøndelag, Norway, the hillside cabin works in tandem with its stunning natural surroundings, offering dramatic panoramic coastal views.

Hooded Cabin

Hooded Cabin, designed by Norwegian architect firm Arkitektvaerelset, is a mountaintop retreat that blends naturally into its surroundings while standing out for its striking design. An understated colour palette has a calming effect and creates a sense of space by not instantly dominating attention. Natural light shines in through the windowed facade while you sit comfortably in front of a fire as you watch the imposing environment do its thing.

Photography by Marte Garmann.

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