Life isn’t easy. With every new day there is a new problem at hand; like the small, menial challenges of trying to find your new favourite emoji; to the bigger problems of what sneakers you should purchase next and trying to figure out what exactly is going on at work. Isn’t it nice, though, when something comes along that eradicates all those problems; something that is designed to do away with all the unnecessary details and just do exactly what it is meant to do.

It’s a general term unto itself, but one of the most critical aspects of a watch is to tell the time as it is. Which is exactly what we were referring to in our initial rambling, and it is exactly what sets Void apart from likeminded watch brands.


Swedish born designer David Ericsson launched Void Watches in 2008 ‘as a bit of a side project’ to his full-time work as an engineer, and in spite of its tender age and tentative birth, the brand now produces some of the most supremely elegant men’s wrist watches of the modern day. Now based in Hong Kong, Ericsson and fellow designer Michael Young have become known for their impressive range of watches that are defined by its pared-back aesthetic, Scandinavian design and high-quality material choices. The combination of rigorously detailed and thoroughly modern design continues to inspire its well-made, hand-crafted watches which have launched online this week at OPUMO.




Check out three of our favourite Void Watches below and shop the entire collection.

Void PKG01 – GO/DB Watch

A straightforward, slim timepiece with a quintessentially minimalistic aesthetic, the Void PKG01 – GO Watch is enclosed within a stainless steel case and driven by a trusted Japanese made Miyota GM1 movement.

Void MKII SI/MR Watch

Defined by its square stainless steel case and its half sapphire glass front, the Void MKII SI/MR Watch is the brand’s signature design famed for its high-contrast LCD display, matte case and sapphire crystal coating.

Void V03C – BL/BL Watch

The Void V03C chronograph watch is based on the Japanese OS25 Quartz movement from Miyota and it features a complex dial that uses six individual hands to tell the time down to the split second. Close attention has been paid to ensure the intricate functions of the watch read as clearly as possible – making the V03C Watch an understated, elegant timepiece for your day-to-day.

Shop the entire Void Watch collection at OPUMO.