As the calendar switches, leading us into a new year and a new decade, we often use our mistakes of the past to set goals for the future. The New Year’s resolution is a long tradition that unfortunately almost always ends in failure. A 2007 study showed that 88% of those who set a resolution fail – that doesn’t bode well for 2020. Instead of setting yourself an unrealistic – and often impossible – goal, why not shift the focus to your home? That way you can make significant changes that directly affect your quality of life without the looming fear of failure. With the help of Omelette-Ed and its understated, modern collection, we’ve devised four simple New Year’s resolutions that you can implement instantly and reap the benefits all year long.


Create more social space

Omelette-Ed Smoked Oak Bison Side Table

Designed by La Mamba, Bison is a collection of side tables that come in two sizes. The simple, bold design exemplifies Omelette-Ed’s no-nonsense approach, effortlessly blending utilitarian values with a sense of refined style. The pared-back aesthetic of the Smoked Oak Bison Side Table makes it the ideal addition to a social space, offering an attractive central point without dominating an area. This iteration features slightly longer legs and a reduced table top, making it easily transportable so it can go wherever the conversation goes.

Black Oak Bison Coffee Table

The larger Bison Coffee Table provides a larger table-top area than the Side Table. Shorter legs combine with the bigger top to fulfil the brief of a traditional coffee table – low enough to not impact the instant appearance of a room, but just high enough to offer the perfect perch for a few coffee table books and a freshly brewed batch. The low stance of this design in comparison with the Side Table makes it an anchor for social scenarios, designating an area for relaxation and conversation.


Maximise the appearance of space

Omelette-Ed Black / Cork Circular Standing Mirror

Creating more space in your home is not an easy job, planning and executing a successful extension can take months and a lot of work, never mind the money. Luckily, there’s an easier way: mirrors. Even though you know that there isn’t really any extra room, strategically placed mirrors give the impression of more light and more space, making your home a more relaxing place to live. Omelette-Ed’s Circular Standing Mirror features a circular pane of glass that is perfect for framing specific channels of light.

Black / Cork Vertical Mirror

A larger pane of glass means that the Vertical Mirror lends a room more light and the illusion of more space, but can’t frame specific features as effectively. Like the Circular Standing Mirror, this piece features cork feet to prevent slipping, also signifying that the mirrors are designed to be moved. Not needing to hang the mirror means that redesigning your spaces is easier than ever.


Invest in key pieces

Omelette-Ed Natural Oak 2000mm Messa Lasso Dining Table

The key to great interior design is subtle continuity. In this case, using key pieces as the foundation for your style is essential. Trying to match many disparate smaller items is impossible, so using a few central pieces as style leaders creates a kind of grouping structure. The striking, minimal design language of the Natural Oak Messa Lasso Dining Table is easy to match, making it the perfect key piece.

Smoked Oak 2500mm Messa Lasso Dining Table

The Messa Lasso Dining Table comes in three finishes: natural oak, black and smoke. This smoked oak table top is both sophisticated and rugged which is exactly what we’re looking for. A dining table goes through a lot, so the treated oak top is a weight off your shoulders as it demands very little maintenance. As well as that, as it's a precious wood, when it’s not being beaten it lends the room a modern, refined feel.



Have fun with the design

Omelette-Ed Black / Walnut Reeno Lamp

Arguably Omelette-Ed’s defining design, the Reeno Lamp began life in only one large size but, thanks to popularity, the family has since grown. Reeno Lamp is available in small or large, each suited to different environments. Made from marble dust, the design’s minimal, elegant aesthetic means that it’s as suited to commercial projects as residential spaces. This is a real head-turner thanks to the playful construction.

Where many try to hide it, designer La Mamba has emphasised the power cable of the lamp, incorporating it as a central focus of the lamp. The cable snakes up the pendant wire, imitating steam leaving the funnel of a kettle. Touches of fun like this design give a room character which is often overlooked – but sorely missed – in exchange for pristine style.


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