Introducing the world's most needed reusable bottle, the Ocean Bottle. With every purchase, you are contributing to the collection of 1,000 plastic bottles, helping combat the global plastic crisis. Crafted from 67% recycled materials, these award-winning stainless steel bottles are not only eco-friendly but also built to last, backed by a reassuring 10-year warranty. Made from double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel, they keep your drinks at the perfect temperature, whether it's a piping hot coffee or a refreshing cold beverage. Plus, they are spill-proof, sweatproof, and entirely dishwasher-safe, featuring a dual opening for hassle-free cleaning, filling, and pouring.


How Ocean Bottle came to be

Ocean Bottle is more than just a brand; it's a people-powered solution to the ocean-plastic crisis. Their mission is ambitious—to prevent 7 billion plastic bottles, equivalent to their weight, from entering the ocean by 2025. Leveraging technology for continuous impact, Ocean Bottle products target the primary sources of plastic, establishing sustainable infrastructure for plastic collection and supporting coastal communities disproportionately affected by plastic pollution. In partnership with organizations such as @plasticbank, @plasticsforchange, and @repurpose_global, they fund the collection, sorting, and reprocessing of high-value plastics, transforming them into new products with recycled content. To date, they've funded the prevention of over 1 billion ocean-bound plastic bottles, and for more details on their efforts, check out their 2022 Impact Report.

What products is Ocean Bottle known for

Original Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle is renowned for its award-winning 500ml OG bottle, available in different colours. Designed for both home and on-the-go use, it keeps your beverages at the desired temperature, be it icy cold or piping hot. Its double lid design allows for easy sipping, filling, pouring, and cleaning, accommodating everything from iced drinks to soup, coffee, and smoothies. Crafted from double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel and recycled materials, these bottles are not only durable but also eco-conscious. Say goodbye to leaks and condensation in your bag, as these bottles are 100% dishwasher safe, all while contributing to the noble cause of ocean conservation.

Big Ocean Bottle

For those who need more hydration, Ocean Bottle offers the 1-litre Big Ocean Bottle, featuring the same outstanding qualities as the OG but in a larger size. It's your trusted companion for maintaining the ideal temperature of your drinks, and its double lid and dual opening make using it a joy.

GO Bottle

The 500ml GO Bottle is perfect for those leading an active lifestyle. With a flip-lid and built-in silicone straw, it ensures easy sipping and spill control. Take it with you wherever you go, and enjoy the convenience of a spill-proof sports bottle while supporting ocean conservation.

Brew Flask

For coffee enthusiasts, choose the 350ml Barista-approved Brew Flask. It's not just for hot drinks; it's your ideal companion for iced coffee too. This flask won't leak or sweat in your bag, and it's dishwasher safe. Thanks to its double-wall vacuum insulation, your ice stays solid all day, and the 360° lid allows you to savor the rich aroma of your coffee with every sip. Plus, every purchase funds the collection of 11.4kg of ocean-bound plastic, equivalent to 1,000 plastic bottles, contributing to a cleaner and healthier ocean.

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