You’d like a second home, complete with gourmet cooking facilities, but can’t quite decide where - and as luck would have it we have the solution in the form of this impressive form-follows-function piece of kit, the Bruder EXP-7 travel trailer. This overland camper trailer might look a little like a tank - and it certainly has all-terrain abilities that the average tank would envy - but the aim here is strictly to find ultimate peace, wherever you might seek it. And that can be just about anywhere because the EXP-7 overland camper trailer offers off-grid living without any compromise.

Quality is key here. Each Bruder EXP-7 off-road camper trailer is meticulously hand-built at Bruder HQ in Brisbane, Australia. Brothers Dan and Toby Bosschieter - Bruder being German for brother of course - founded the company as a reflection of their adventurous childhood traversing Australia’s lesser-known vastness. The EXP-7 overland camper trailer seeks to solve every problem they and more specifically their parents encountered, and a few they hadn’t imagined.

Take, for just for one example, the EXP-7 off-road overland camper trailer's kitchen, ready to slide out when you’ve found the ideal mountain top - and that’s accessible from outside and within. As Bruder themselves point out, you’ll be able to “prepare gourmet meals while relishing the breathtaking views of nature”, depending of course on your cooking skills. The kitchen unit is made entirely of composites, there’s an induction hob, as well as outdoor and indoor refrigeration so those beers will be exactly as chilled as you’ll be before turning in for the evening in your EXP-7 off-road overland camper trailer.

And just so you know, there’s not only charging outlets around the vast main sleeping area of the EXP-7 off-road overland camper trailer, but a handy space for your off-grid library too. Of course you’ll have Jack Kerouac’s useful guide ‘On The Road’. But the most important aspects of the EXP-7 off-road overland camper are the dirty bits you don’t often see. Suspension is key among them. Bruder say there's "three times more usable wheel travel than any other dual axle off-road camper trailer”. The only limits you’ll encounter are those of the tow-vehicle.

If, like us, you’re already thinking of the menu for that top-of-the-world feast in your EXP-7 overland camper trailer, you may want to know the cost. As we’ve said, each Bruder overland camper trailer is in effect bespoke, hand-crafted to provide a second home for when you feel the need to channel your inner Kerouac. All of this makes the basic price of around £140,000 almost reasonable, and cheaper than the average bricks-and-mortar weekend dwelling. We’re almost certainly available for a seat at your first off-road banquet, too.

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