It’s the off road e-bike that thinks it’s a proper scrambler. The just-announced Xyber by Segway is more than a clever name from one of the pioneers of innovative transport. It’s a proper off-roader boasting a look that recalls dedicated trail bikes, with surprisingly formidable power to match. If you’re thinking of an off road e-bike, you might want to wait until Segway releases the first Xyber on to a rough track near you towards the end of 2024. The wait, we believe, will be more than worth it.


And here’s why this is an off road e-bike like no other. Suspension system is key, with inverted front fork and rear monoshock - very much in the trail bike tradition - offering maximum wheel travel for those rocks, bumps and - naturally - the potholes on your nearest suburban road. Battery pack is prominently mounted low and to the rear of the motorbike-like frame of the off road e-bike, which adds to utility look and helps balance handling. Headlight has X-shaped beam which should be an annoying novelty yet manages to look integral to the feel of this stylish off road eb-ike.

Performance is startling. Segway quote a frankly hair-raising 0 - 20 mph time of 2.5 seconds, which might just drop your neighbour’s Lambo at the lights, a Lambo you'll lose altogether as soon as you’re off the black stuff. Add a second battery to extend range to an impressive 95 miles. Given the desirability of this and indeed any off road e bike, it’s reassuring to know that Segway have built in “seven layers of security”, including motion alert and GPS tracking. Also built in is that almost nonchalant rugged style. So is this all the transport you’ll ever need? Maybe.

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