Established in 1918 by the man himself, Olle Eksell’s studio embodies the artist’s essence. Each piece uses colour sparely to emphasise the strong, confident shapes used. The final product is a collection of prints that instantly draw the eye, no matter what the subject matter. Eksell’s work covers a range of bases, from surreal sketches of cityscapes and characters to bold, regimented designs like his famous eyes print. Olle Eksell was seen as a creative designer that was ahead of his time, never bending to trends he stuck staunchly to his own unique, timeless style. We think that a mindset like this deserves recognition as well as a place on your wall. Here are our top picks from Olle Eksell’s collection.

Olle Eksell

Olle Eksell Hasselblad Camera Print

You’ve almost definitely marvelled over an image taken on a Hasselblad Camera before, whether you knew it or not. Hasselblad craft medium-format cameras in Gothenburg, Sweden to such a high level that almost all of the still photographs taken during the NASA Apollo missions were taken on modified Hasselblad cameras. Olle Eksell’s fantastical take on the design sees the iconic apparatus personified (we think?) with the artist’s signature sense of humour.

Olle Eksell

Olle Eksell London Print

The bright lights of London’s famous Leicester Square are given the Olle Eksell monochrome treatment for London Print. The print displays a delicate contrast between intricacy and simplicity: while much of the print is blank, other sections feature great detail. Eksell’s depiction of Leicester Square is humorous but surprisingly accurate.

Olle Eksell

Olle Eksell White Ogon Cacao 1956 Stripes

Place a piece of graphic design history in your home with the Ogon Cacao Print. Designed in 1956, this iconic design was – and still is – used for Ogon Cacao wrappers. The repeated eyes print is engaging and memorable to a point that few designers can match with such a simple design.

Olle Eksell

Olle Eksell

Olle Eksell House Nest Print

We all dreamt of treehouses when we were younger, didn’t we? House Nest Print may be the ideal tree house. This exclusive abode is protected on all sides by the authorities and boasts a deckchair in the shade of an umbrella in the canopy. Eksell’s masterful use of varied lines ensures that even without a drop of colour, this print is captivating.

Olle Eksell Wine Print

Wine Print is an all-out pattern project. Vintage-style bottles form the perches for four exotically embellished birds who seem to be in conversation. This surreal scene may require further explanation on request of guests, so make sure you’re ready to tell them that it’s completely inexplicable, and that’s exactly where its value lies.

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