It’s difficult to look at what Timeless Garage is doing and not want to spread the word. When we really think about it, our ongoing partnership with Timeless Garage is an act of kindness, one that the world is in desperate need of. We’re doing our bit for society.


Timeless Garage is based in Portugal and acts as a dreamland for the world’s car fanatics. The garage’s highly skilled engineers prove time and time again that there are few things that they can’t do. Last time we shone a spotlight on Audrey, a Porsche 356 with a diamond-encrusted history. This time around we’re looking at Viper.


Viper is a green and gold 1972 911 T. 2.7-litre, matching-numbers Porsche 911 'Oelklappe'. The hard-working engineers at Timeless Garage put countless hours and love into this custom, completing a full, bare-metal restoration from the ground up with many performance-enhancing additions. The RS seats are fully customised Alcantara leather, other additions include RS front and rear bumpers, sports suspension and race-ready, short-shift gearbox. 

For those who don't know about the Porsche Oelklappe, the model is considered to be a rare 911 because of the oil cap ('oelklappe’) on the right-hand side of the car. They were only in production for one year due to the fact that many gas station attendants thought the right-hand side lid was for fuel. Unfortunately, this meant that lots of 1972 Porsche 911s had fuel poured into the ‘oelklappe’ instead of oil. This led to Porsche abandoning the build.

Driving Viper opens eyes to pure performance. She's fast, she's loud, she handles like a dream and she turns heads.

For more information, visit Timeless Garage.

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