Clothing is a form of communication, and we think that the best brands embody their inspirations. Great clothing tells you about its creators, it’s the physical form of a creative vision that has been shaped by environment, culture, sport, anything. In the case of Parlez, a young streetwear brand from Bristol, the clothing embodies the lively persona of the city itself. One of Britain’s biggest creative hubs, Bristol is a destination for culture and... beaches. Yes, beaches. It turns out that Parlez’s growing collection of streetwear staples like men's tracksuit tops, 1/4 zip jumpers and logo T-shirts takes heavy inspiration from the youth culture of Bristol and features a sprinkling of nautical style, too.

It’s all well and good finding a thriving new brand that offers the best of the streetwear world alongside a heavy dose of vintage class, but it all means nothing if you buy the wrong size. To save you the regret and the embarrassment, we’ve put together a quick Parlez size guide. All measurements are in inches.

Parlez T-shirts

Some Parlez T-shirts are purposefully cut large to afford a more relaxed, oversized style. You shouldn’t have to take this into account, though. Buy your normal size and trust Parlez to judge the cut, it has worked every time for us. 

  S M L XL
Chest 36 40 44 48
Length 27 29 31 33


You’ll notice that Parlez adds some inches to the smaller sizes when it comes to their men's crewneck sweatshirts and sports hoodies. Having more room around the chest is important as it allows more room for layering.

  S M L XL
Chest 40 42 44 46
Length 27.5 28 28.5 29


Parlez doesn’t do slim fits when it comes to men's button-down shirts. This is a brand based on streetwear style, so it’s all about looking refined but relaxed.

  S M L XL
Chest 40 43 46 49
Length 26 26.5 27 27.5

Finding your size is not an exact science. Each brand has its own style – some make baggier clothing, others go for slim-fit precision. For a label like Parlez, don’t worry if something feels a little oversized, it’s meant to. Just like we mentioned at the start, Parlez’s offerings embody the city of Bristol, a laid-back cultural hub. You probably won’t be styling the label with tailored trousers, and it was never intended to be, so sizes are slightly larger than normal.

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