We live in a world of symbols: we’re constantly surrounded by logos, adverts, street signs. Every sign that we see, regardless of its aim, carries a history of research and study into typography: which fonts stand out from the crowd? What message does a typeface communicate? Whether we notice it or not, we’re influenced by the typography around us.

If any company understands the power of typography, it’s PLTY. The Copenhagen brand have a passion for letters and recognise the beauty behind the art form. Through their collection of iconic, playful posters, they hope to open our eyes to the craft that goes unnoticed by so many on a daily basis.


PLTY Grey G Poster

The brand’s signature poster comes in the form of a bold ‘g’ that jumps from its grey background. Using a Noir Text Bold font, the letter is emphasised as a standalone shape, something that all PLTY posters aim to do. By singling out one letter, the viewer is forced to approach it without any context, as a collection of clean lines and – in the case of this letter – sweeping arcs.



Strong and bold, C Poster makes a statement. Finished with a simple but effective two-tone design, the letter poses a tension between empty space and itself, asking the viewer to look at the ‘C’ with a new, explorative eye.



PLTY K Poster

Whereas the previous posters focused on the pure form of the letter because of the single-hued backgrounds, K Poster uses the sharp angles of the ‘k’ to break up a dusty colour scheme. Partitioning the background, the letter itself is transformed into its pure geometric form – a simple collection of lines.

PLTY Black Yes Poster

Unusually for the brand, the Black Yes Poster stages a dynamic selection of letters as opposed to a static singular focus. The three letters, joined and overlapping, create a flowing form that makes one of the world’s most well-known words a little less familiar. By isolating the word, PLTY hope to emphasise its meaning – a sentiment of openness and acceptance.


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