Whether you’re on the hunt for beautifully made cushions to spruce up a living space or scented candles to add atmosphere to a room, POLKRA has you covered. The London based brand specialises in well thought out homeware, representing a number of brands that offer unique designs that won’t fail to add a slice of individuality to your home. 

Working with the moniker of producing ‘high-quality, timeless designs that are reasonably priced’, POLKRA works with a number of forward-thinking brands that all offer their own take on homeware staples the likes of pillows, towels, candles and cushions. 

A great example of what POLKRA does best is its latest collaboration with independent artists on its new tea towel collection. Both Julianna Byrne and Sainte Maria have worked on designs for POLKRA, imbuing their unique vision on sets of tea towels inspired by their experiences. Byrne’s designs were inspired by her time in Brazil and India, resulting in bold, eccentric colours, while Maria’s were inspired by trips to France and India. 

Elsewhere, the candles POLKRA offers have been designed in collaboration with Katie Scott, an artist who has lent her hand to the jars holding the 100% natural wax. Ranging from rose scents to jasmine, these natural candles will add to the ambience of any room in the house, from the bathroom to the bedroom. 

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