Price: £64,995 | Year: 1990 | Engine: 3.6-litre Flat-six, 247 bhp

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the 911 was the toy of the Champagne-splashing City boy. So much so that the 911 - and Porsches in general - gained an undeserved reputation as symbols of needless excess.

Today the 964 model 911 is increasingly desirable, as the brilliantly engineered motor car behind the flash reputation emerges in its own right. Prices are going up, making now the right time to buy the right 964. This, we'd humbly suggest, is just such a howling flat-six example.

Finished in a quieter shade than many, this LHD 911 has recently had a full drivetrain rebuild, with £30,000 going the way of Porsche specialists leaving you the more pleasurable task of deciding where to drive this impeccable sports car, first registered in Italy in November, 1990. A lightweight RS flywheel is fitted and the suspension has been upgraded with Bilstein dampers and Koni shock absorbers.

Overall mileage is less than 50,000 and the unmarked original Porsche leatherette interior testifies to that. Subtle upgrades, all using Porsche parts, allow for some mobile connectivity. The car comes with a Porsche certificate of authenticity.

The latest 911s are all turbo-charged - and you'll have little change out of £100,000 if you buy new. Normally aspirated machines such as this one are destined for classic status. In the meantime, this 964 is demanding to be driven fast to somewhere glamorous. Now, where's that map of Monte Carlo?

The 911 is available through Fast Classics.

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