Price: £39,995 | Year: 1986 | Engine: Flat 6

Sam Hancock's take: “There may be faster, more dynamic 911s, but for the price this is a superb all-rounder that combines that iconic silhouette (with a bit of ‘eighties big-bumper flare), and a reliable 3.2-litre lump. This looks well maintained but, as ever, it never hurts to commission an inspection.”


The final stand in the original 911 series, this Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 was the first car to warrant the Carrera name since 1977. All Porsche 911 builds that came after this model featured new body styling and new brake, electronic and suspension technologies.


This totem still boasts its original factory colour, a splendid metallic iris blue. As can be expected of a 35-year-old car, the body is showing some imperfections but, in the right light, the metallic paint will emphasise the sumptuous Porsche curvature.

European-spec bumpers lend the car a more aggressive feel while to the rear of the example, the absence of a whale-tail spoiler – a notorious aftermarket addition for this model – distinguishes it from the crowd. The authentic, streamlined form of a classic Porsche is something to marvel at.

Open the door to be treated to the full blue treatment. The deep navy upholstery continues the iris blue exterior with no holding back. The perforated leather seats are in good condition, only showing their age in terms of design.

The ‘3.2-litre lump’ – as Sam affectionately called it – gives 207bhp and a deep rumble that ensures each ride is an exhilarating experience.

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