A classic 1976 Honda CB 500 is unrecognisable after a custom transformation by the German bespoke motorcycle experts Kaspeed. This stunning Honda CB 500 Four Cafe Racer is the result of hand-built craftsmanship - and not short of a little ingenuity.

Bike 1

Kaspeed have left very little of the non-essentials from the original CB 500. Most radically, the front of a Honda CB 400 N has been grafted on and modern disc brakes added. Clip-on handle bars add aggression while a contemporary cockpit is created with the aid of an Acewell chrome speedometer.

bike 2

Local upholsterers have crafted a diamond-stitched brown leather saddle, with matching leather handgrips. The saddle is housed within a custom-built rear cowl. The fuel tank was lifted slightly to create a straight line with the new cowl. Such is the attention to detail on this cafe racer.

Both cowl and fuel tank have been fastidiously finished in Silver Tempest, a shade used by Bentley, with gold detailing to contrast with the newly powder-coated black frame and wheel rims. New stainless-steel spokes further offset gold details on the gloss black of the engine.

This instantly desirable machine is already spoken for. You could always commission your own, though ...

For more information, head to the Kaspeed website and if you’re in the mood for even more of the world’s best bikes then check out the Vagabund V09.