Ryan Gander’s work cannot be assigned to one single style or technique, but is unified in its objective: to provoke the viewer to make their own associations and invent their own narrative in order to unravel the complexities staged by the artist.

Whether it’s sculpture, film, writing, installation or performance, Gander’s work connects the everyday and the esoteric, displaying his sense of humour at the same time. His most recent exhibition – I see you’re making progress – at Lisson Gallery’s new Shanghai space will run until 31 August 2019 and reflects Gander’s evolving practice and career trajectory.

View from the studio window, as you might guess, shows the view from Ryan Gander’s studio window over a 24 hour cycle. The frosted glass covers animated screens that replicate the exact light conditions, changing weather and even swaying trees of the time and place of creation. Gander’s studio is surreally transposed to an interior-facing wall in a gallery in Shanghai.

Outside you’ll find our highlight piece: a smashed and melting ice cream. This hyperrealistic creation is made from bronze and acts as a study into the missteps and failures of art production, or creativity of any kind. The dead ends and mistakes of the creative process can often feel like a dropped ice cream: a sad waste of time, money and hope.

Altogether, I see you’re making progress is a realistic and candid look into the process of Ryan Gander’s personal career as well as a comment on creativity as a whole. You can see the exhibition at Shanghai’s Lisson Gallery and stay in the loop with Ryan gander’s work here.