Sans-Arc Studio’s latest project – a unique suburban home dubbed the ‘Plaster Fun House’ – takes inspiration from both art deco and P&O architecture – a style that evolved from the popularity of cruise liners in the 1930s.


The home is intended to be a fun, light and compact space that contrasts with the city’s typical brown-brick houses. The studio exaggerated this new concept by adding a playful kitchen extension to the original cottage that is now defined by its bright white walls, sculptural arches and terrazzo features.


“The alteration has upgraded the cottage into an expansive and functional home. It is a playful and light-field space for the clients to cook, entertain and relax in,’ explained the studio.

“The project intentionally resists the surrounding building styles, forming its own identity through the uses of plaster and arches,” they added. “The space feels like an oasis – a bright, art-deco moment.”


The cottage already had a decent sized dining area, though Sans-Arc Studio chose to integrate the area into a new extension, creating a linear open-plan kitchen and dining room. “The long terrazzo bench is a unique feature that ties the old and new together, providing a focal point for the house and is central to the convivial nature of the space,” the studio explained.

To tie the two spaces together, the studio placed a large, pastel-pink terrazzo breakfast bar at the centre, which now forms the heart of the space.

To ensure the extension is well lit by natural daylight, Sans-Arch Studio also punctured the new east-facing wall with a large arched window and door.

Photography is by Tash McCammon

Project credits:

Architect: Sans-Arc Studio
Builder:Build Inc
Landscape: Pad Studio
Benchtops: Love Concrete
Lighting: Douglas and Bec
Windows: Steel and Smith

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