It may have only been established two years ago, but SAYE is already making its mark on the sneaker world. The Barcelona-based brand is paving the way for sustainable footwear with its eco-friendly sneakers that are made from recycled, upcycled and organic materials. For every pair of sneakers sold, SAYE plants two trees, and with over 98,000 trees already planted, it's clear that the brand is taking its commitment to environmentalism seriously.

If those sustainability credentials aren't impressive enough, SAYE has taken things one step further, broadening its offering beyond its beloved leather sneakers to introduce a 'Not Just Vegan' range. The range features three iterations (White, Caramel or Dark) of the Modelo '89 Vegan, a simple, sporty sneaker that retains the same retro-inspired aesthetic as the brand's classic leather Modelo '89 style.

Over a year of Research and Development went into planning the range, and it shows. The Modelo '89 Vegan is made from 100% recycled and recyclable fibres from recovered plastics. Recycled vegan napa (35% post-consumer fibres, 11% polyester and 54% polyurethane) forms the upper, while the lining is made from recycled post-consumer PET. The removable insoles are made from recycled PU foam and the outsoles are a combination of natural and synthetic rubbers. In addition, the reinforcements are made from thermoplastic leftover plates and recycled woodchips and the laces are certified cotton. These clearly aren't your standard kicks.

Unlike many sneaker brands that use buzz words like 'sustainability' and 'veganism' purely as a marketing device, SAYE's 'Not Just Vegan' range evidently represents a broader commitment to the health of the planet. This is just one feature of the brand's ever-growing set of environmental initiatives and a step in the right direction. Watch this space.