Buy a sweater, get a real-life sheep. It's not a promise you hear from brands often – or ever, for that matter – but it's one that Sheep Inc. is serious about. The world's first carbon negative fashion brand wants to reconnect people with the clothes they buy, an all-too rare experience in our current fast fashion-obsessed culture.

With every one of Sheep Inc.'s ultra-fine merino wool sweaters – from its original medium knit to the classic cardigan – an adoptee sheep from the New Zealand farm that the label partners with is included. A tag in the sheep's ear acts as a tracking device that reveals its whereabouts and goings on, while a digital NFC tag in the hem of each sweater can be scanned with a phone to keep up to date with your sheep's life – everything from when it was last shorn to whether it has given birth. The brand will also send regular emails with updates about the sheep and life on the farm.

It's a novel idea and one that distinguishes Sheep Inc. from other knitwear brands, definitely – but this commitment goes beyond that, serving as a reminder that everything we wear starts out a life somewhere. In this case, it all begins with a sheep.

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