Price: £750,000+ | Year: 2022 | Engine: 3.8 litre twin turbocharged flat-six, 500+ bhp

Take one look and it's an immaculate 964-series Porsche 911 Turbo, built somewhere between 1989 and 1994, an all-time air-cooled classic. Take another, closer look and this extraordinary motor vehicle - car is just too ordinary a word - reveals itself as the Turbo Study by Singer, the obsessive California-based 911 reimaginers. 

With the Turbo Study, Singer have reached for the ultimate and gone beyond, way beyond. Order yours now, expect to pay a cool three quarters of a million or so depending on your specification and join a queue that’s already 70-strong. For those who can afford it, the Turbo Study by Singer has become a must-have, even before anyone’s driven one. And no wonder.

Starting point - and this isn't included in the price - is a stock air-cooled 911 Turbo. Singer take this undisputed classic and take it apart, completely apart, before reimagining it to the owner's specifications. The Turbo Study you see here might look like a product of the already fastidious Porsche production line, but every panel is new, lovingly hand crafted to create an altogether lighter, altogether more beautiful beast.

Singer have been restoring and remaking classic 911s since 2009, a project that's the brainchild of ex rock vocalist Rob Dickinson. The finished 911s are effectively brand new, even if they're 30 years old. Each one is bespoke. The Singer way is to focus on even the smallest details, which are remade to owners' individual requirements. This is the first 911 Turbo the company has tackled.

Ultra-lightweight carbon fibre bodywork is finished in Wolf Blue. Panel gaps are so narrow as to be almost non-existent. Under that whale-tail rear spoiler lies the real jewel of the Turbo Study: a turbo-charged air-cooled flat six, manufactured to Singer's specifications by Porsche Motorsport North America and featuring twin turbochargers with bespoke intercoolers. Ahead of the rear wheels, the previously decorative "shark's fin" has been repurposed as an elegant air intake to help cool the newly ferocious engine.

Inside this first example, the new owner will find themselves cosseted in Malibu Sand leather with Black Forest wood trim and a newly redesigned instrument binnacle. Air conditioning and electrically adjustable heated seats are signs that this is motor car intended as a true grand tourer, designed for an exhilarating journey to your penthouse in Monaco rather than simply to Goodwood for a track day, though it's at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the summer that the Turbo Study will make its British debut.

Singer have redefined what it is to restore a classic car. Their business is booming. The Turbo Study deserves great journeys, with great drivers behind the wheel. The only issue is its somewhat demanding price, which may mean many end up in air conditioned collections. We'd drive ours every day of the week. Simply stellar.

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