It’s all well and good filling your wardrobe with OPUMO brands – fine cotton shirts, corduroy trousers, premium men's T-shirts and the like – but what really matters is taking care of those items. There’s little point in making sure that you buy high-quality clothing that’s made sustainably if you only wear it two times before it shrinks or loses its colour. As a side note, turning up to work with a creased outfit is also not a good look. Luckily, with the help of Steamery, all of this is very simple even when you’re travelling. Look no further than the Cirrus Travel Steamer.


Who is Steamery?

Steamery is a group of entrepreneurs, designers and textile engineers who realised during their years in the fashion industry that the average consumer didn’t understand how to take care of their clothes in the correct way. Steamery set about to change that by making a steam clothing care system that was easy and accessible.

Why use the Cirrus Travel Steamer?

Many of us don’t have the knowledge or the time to really care for our clothing, which means that the lifespan of our favourite items is often cut short. When we think that a piece of clothing has reached the end of its journey – perhaps it has lost its shape or colour – it’s more often than not because we’ve washed it incorrectly. The process of caring for clothing is made even more difficult when we’re on the move. New washing machines with unfamiliar settings and the prospect of folding everything up into a suitcase makes clothing care seem almost futile.


The Cirrus Travel Steamer is a solution to ironing shirts, trousers, anything. The small steam clothes cleaner packs into your luggage easily and is suitable for use on all fabrics, from silk to cotton. Using this tool to steam your clothes delicately irons out creases and helps to remove odours and surface dirt. What's more, it's much better for the environment: clothing lasts longer and there's no need to run a washing machine cycle.

Use of the Cirrus Travel Steamer is not limited to clothing, either. You can use this tool on the best bed linen, curtains and more.


How to steam your clothes?

  1. Fill your Steamery Cirrus Steamer with 90ml of water. Steamery recommend using distilled water when steaming your clothes as the result will be cleaner.
  2. Plug in your Cirrus Steamer and wait 25 seconds for the steamer to heat up.
  3. When the light turns green, your steamer has heated up.
  4. Press the button to begin steaming. 90ml of water will afford six minutes of steam which should be enough for a whole outfit.
  5. Run the steamer down the item of clothing slowly, but be sure to keep it moving so as not to cause an uneven steam.
  6. If a crease seems to stay, try steaming from the inside of the garment as well.
  7. Once your clothing has been steamed, leave it to hang for several minutes.

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