Founded in 1861, Junghans has a long history of watchmaking, so there’s no surprise that their timepieces are crafted to perfection. Taking design cues from the German cultural movement of Bauhaus, the collection of designer watches is pared back, effective and great-looking. Throughout its long lifetime, the German label has stayed at the head of the game by pushing the envelope in terms of design and craftsmanship – no brand sticks around for more than 150 years by accident… Being one of the first companies to show an interest in watches and clocks as design items, they ushered in a new era of horology.

Using the respected mind of Swiss artist, painter and designer, Max Bill, the company released the eponymous Max Bill Watch, a restrained but supremely confident watch with an open, clear face and minimalist dial detailing. To this day, the Junghans Max Bill is one of the company’s most popular fine watches.

With such a long history of esteemed design, it can be difficult to know where to begin with Junghans watches. So to guide your way, we’ve picked out six of our favourite styles.

Junghans Chronoscopes

Characterised by multiple dials of varying sizes, Junghans Chronoscope watches are made for effectiveness. Able to time to the smallest intervals, the Chronoscope design can be added to existing designs to elevate their practicality.


Junghans Meister Driver Chronoscope Watch

The Meister carries almost a century of history with it, produced first in the 1930s. A watch has to do a lot to warrant the name ‘Meister’, and we think this one deserves the moniker. Being the vehicle for Junghans’ finest calibres between the 1930s and today, the model combined technology and forward-thinking design. Seeing the addition of chronometric technology in the 1950s, the Meister Driver Chronoscope embodies the company’s journey.


Junghans Form C Chronoscope Watch

The Form design is held as a special watch for every occasion, combining watchmaking artistry with timeless design – it still amazes us how modern this watch looks. A three-dimensional dial combines with an ergonomic design to form a watch that’s comfortable, sleek and applicable to any situation.


If you love the reserved simplicity of the Form Chronoscope but you’re looking for something with even fewer details, opt for the Form Quartz Watch.

Junghans Max Bill Watches

Designed by the artist Max Bill in 1961, this stripped-back timepiece is a stylish icon and still one of the label's bestsellers.


Junghans Max Bill Automatic Watch

We’d say that the fact that the Max Bill model has remained largely unchanged since 1961 is the sign of a great design. Passing through cultural movements and political change, the minimalist Bauhaus design showcases utility and beauty at once, transcending trends and the changing tastes. The restrained casing draws eyes to the time and nothing else.



Junghans Max Bill Mega Watch

If one word were used to describe the Max Bill Mega watch, it would undoubtedly be ‘precision’. The position of the second hand is checked 1,440 times per day and, even without radio reception, the perpetual calendar will work until the year 2400. If that time frame is anything to go by, this watch is an investment worth making.

Junghans Max Bill Quartz Watch

Adopting the same design principles as the other Max Bill iterations, this model differs in its use of  a Quartz movement. Quartz is known for its precision and as we’ve seen, Junghans only accept the best. Adorn your wrist with one of the world’s most confident, precise and stylish watches.


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