Sunspel is the proudly British label that’s been specialising in the finest quality basics since 1860. The company lays claim to having produced some of the first ever t-shirts and, still cut and handmade to the highest standards, these essential little pieces of luxury form the backbone of its clothing ranges to this day. Expansion has meant that shoes and outer garments for men and women also now proudly wear the Sunspel label, a label that remains a guarantee of quality.


Sunspel’s headquarters has been in Long Eaton, Derbyshire, since 1937 - and that’s just a few miles from their original base in Nottingham. The company makes much of how skilled its long-serving craftspeople are. It’s this authenticity and these roots that make all that they offer today - from high-end sneakers to a polo shirt good enough to be worn by Daniel Craig in ‘Casino Royale’ - genuinely unique.

Looking to add some Sunspel to your wardrobe? Before you click 'add to cart', follow our Sunspel sizing guide to find your perfect fit.

Sunspel sizing notes

Sunspel's clothing uses its own sizing parameters, but within that you’ll find that their pieces fit true to your usual size. Our handy charts will help you convert Sunspel’s sizing to whichever sizing convention you’re used to. We’d humbly suggest that, whatever size fits you best, your chosen Sunspel items will be part of your life for a long while to come.

Sunspel size charts

Men's tops

Sunspel sizeChest (cm)

Men's bottoms

Sunspel sizeChest (cm)
XXS68.5 - 73.5
XS73.5 - 78.5
S78.5 - 83.5
M83.5 - 88.5
L88.5 - 93.5
XL93.5 - 98.5
XXL98.5 - 103.5

Women's tops

Sunspel sizeUK sizeUS sizeChest (cm)
XXS6273.5 - 78.5
XS8478.5 - 83.5
S10683.5 - 88.5
M12888.5 - 93.5
L141093.5 - 98.5
XL161298.5 - 103.5

Women's bottoms

Sunspel sizeUK sizeUS sizeWaist (cm)
XXS6256 - 61
XS8478.5 - 83.5
S10683.5 - 88.5
M12888.5 - 93.5
L141093.5 - 98.5
XL161298.5 - 103.5

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