In a digital age, the analogue is king. Sygns is the Berlin-based specialist in creating real world visibility for clients large and small, recognising that in an increasingly online world, physical signage can have more clout than ever. The key is using new technology and fresh ideas, whether that's innovative ways with neon and LED or living signs made of plants. 

Leading artists from Jenny Holzer to Tracey Emin have long used signage for their sought after pieces, designed to create a stir and, of course, to create an audience for their message. Instead of leaning on the legacy heritage of signage, Sygns leans towards adapting this artistic approach to the commercial context. Startup Tru Cosmetics, for example, commissioned a striking LED living moss sign, an on-the-face-of-it unlikely combination of high technology and old fashioned gardening that expresses a unique identity.

This reinvention of the humble sign has been embraced wholeheartedly by a range of blue chip clients. These include big global names such as Apple, Hyatt, Audi and Ikea. The Sygns approach is far from one size fits all, however. There's a bespoke service for every client, both large and small, whether it’s an old-school neon sign, personalised in handwriting, light boxes, LED lights or even those environmentally friendly living signs. 

The Sygns difference can be summed up as its melding together of art and the latest technology. "We have developed,” this forward-looking Berlin company says, "proprietary solutions in electrical, mechanical, data and software engineering. This is matched by our passion for creativity, aesthetics and expressive arts." It's this combination of leading edge know-how and blue sky creative thinking that's key to the Sygns way.

It's so much more than putting your name in lights. "As a one stop shop," says Sygns, "we take your ideas and handle every step from technical specification to installation on your wall." This translates as maximum ease as startups seek physical attention for their fledgling businesses and multinationals jostle for new customers. Both Emin and Holzer would recognise the approach. It’s no exaggeration to say that working with Sygns is similar to commissioning a one-off art object. The unique Sygns style is grabbing attention, in all the right ways.

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