Project name: Tenuta Masseriola | Location: Carovigno, Italy

Located a few kilometres from the town of Carovigno in Italy’s Puglian countryside sits Tenuta Masseriola. This 8-person villa is part of Moroseta Villas, owned by three friends who want to change the way we see rural holidays. One look at Tenuta Masseriola will show that they’re certainly on the right path.

Surrounded by 8 hectares of olive groves, this property is completely immersed in its Puglian environment. The villa is made up of two modern buildings that surround a classic Puglian trullo. Within these spaces you’ll find four bright bedrooms with bathrooms, a living room, kitchen and dining room.

What’s so striking about Tenuta Masseriola is the fluidity of modernity and tradition. The villa doesn’t feel stretched between the modernity and tradition, but encompasses each as effortlessly as the other. Modern appliances are housed within the white-painted brick walls that we envisage when we imagine the traditional Italian landscape.

Take a few steps out of your uneven, brick-laid door to dip your feet in the pool that stretches between olive trees. You might even be treated to a sunset while you’re in the pool. If, for some strange reason, you want to leave the beauty of Tenuta Masseriola, the sea is only 7km away and Carovigno town is just a short drive.

For more information, and to book your stay, visit Moroseta Villas.

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