CoolnVintage is all about the journey, taking in vintage Land Rovers, disassembling and restoring each part, adding its creative flair, and then rebuilding. Building about 10 Land Rovers a year, each taking around 6 months to complete, it’s clear that Ricardo, the founder, lives for the journey. 


We've all seen countless custom Defenders, but no one does it quite like CoolnVintage. Well, this week, they've gone one step better with their latest creation, a 1983 Land Rover Defender Petrol V8.


From the custom deep black paint job to the immaculate bespoke black Connolly leather interior, there's a number of different reasons why you may be enamoured by this new model. The traditional cockpit has been simplified and modernised, offering a truly unique ride that is just at home off-road as it is on the city streets. Although CoolnVintage has kept much of the retro detailing inside like the dials, gear stick and steering wheel, you'll also find an incredible-sounding Marshall speaker.


The Defender also boasts roll-up canvas siding, providing an open-air appeal while adding a custom approach to a legendary machine. It's got the lot.

Luckily, it's also for sale. We think it's time to treat yourself.

Fancy it? There's more to learn on the CoolnVintage website

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