Money needn't be dull. Financial newsletters, after all, can be dry, lengthy and filled with jargon. The Daily Upside aims to change all that with a pithy update emailed each morning, setting out in plain language what's hot and what's not in the world of finance and especially of investing. And it does so with wit, panache as well as real insight.

The key difference with The Daily Upside is that its founder - who introduces himself only as Pat - has a storied backdrop on Wall Street working for some of the US financial world's blue chip investment companies. His expert mission is a deceptively simple one: to give subscribers easy-to-digest insight into the business world and to tell economic stories not told elsewhere, using a team of equally expert financial journalists.

The Daily Upside was founded two years ago and since then has gone from zero to - on its account - three hundred thousand subscribers. Signing up is free, and also gives access to The Daily Upside's comprehensive website where reports can be on anything from why Amsterdam is building an entire new neighbourhood primarily of wood to how cybersecurity stocks are soaring on fears of increasing cyber-attacks. 

Reports are bitesize but all the more impactful for that. There is no clickbait here, and instead the real lowdown on why and how - for instance - the brewer Budweiser is doing well, or as The Daily Upside puts it  in characteristic snappy language it's "a veritable financial happy hour".

One warning: The Daily Upside's upbeat approach is addictive. Make no mistake, this is high quality journalism distilled down to its essentials, written by great writers who just happen to be financial experts. We're hooked already, and we'd put good money on betting that you will be too.

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