Vehicles have the power to bring back vivid memories, the sentimental pull of certain models accounts for fierce debate on occasion. Perhaps you once went travelling in a beaten-up van or maybe – like Nelson and Juan Diego Calle, the brothers behind The FJ Company – you grew up riding in the back of your grandfather’s FJ40.

FJ Company

When their grandfather passed away in 2009, the two brothers set about restoring his FJ40. The legacy of their grandfather lives on in every build that rolls out of The FJ Company garage. With years of experience, Nelson and Juan have reached the point of being able to customise Toyota Land Cruisers with seemingly no boundaries.

FJ Company

This 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 Troopy proves that customisation is more than a job for the brothers. Having dreamed about making the ultimate family cruiser, The FJ Company decided to make it happen. This machine boasts the rugged lines of the original 40 series as well as the comfort of a modern SUV.

Adding two more doors to the car on request of the client was a starting point for The FJ Company, who went on to build the custom entirely in steel, add modern Toyota mechanical components, a custom rear bench that folds completely flat against the floor if necessary and retro-inspired accessories and finishes. This example uses an authentic Land Cruiser chassis.

The FJ Company publishes every stage of a custom, even asking its Instagram followers to weigh in on decisions. The Innovation Lab of the garage had fun with this build, working for months on design concepts and configurations for seating, door sizes, window sizes and more until they found the perfect balance.

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