Diamond Atelier, Munich's perfectionist bike modifiers, describe their work as "a swift kick to the jaw". We think they've reached a new level with this one-off golden version of the Monster 1200R, Ducati's race bike for the road. Here's why:


That Gold Is Real

The frame is gilded with 24K gold. There's a pinstripe in real gold around the unique olive green of the tank. Diamond Atelier had a former trainee gilder on their staff and a client who'd given them free rein, so they reckoned, why not?

The 3D Printed Tail

As if the 1200R wasn't aggressive enough, Diamond Atelier took off the tail and used 3D printing to create a sawn-off new one, duly gilded. A bespoke subframe supports it. The new saddle is hand-stitched cowhide.





The Devil Is In The Detail

A custom triple clamp lowers the handlebars, while turn signals by Microgadget are visible only when in use. At the rear, LEDs provide lighting and indicators.

The Bottom Line

This golden steed remains a true Monster on the road. The 1,198cc V-Twin delivers 152bhp, rocketing its rider to 160mph on the nearest Autobahn.

Photography Lukas Magerl - @lumafoto


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