In the world of motorbikes, the general rule is that bigger is always better. But today that notion is flipped on its head as Auto Fabrica have just unveiled the spectacular Type 0.1 Mini Bike.

This unique design was more than just a childhood adventure for Auto Fabrica’s founders Bujar and Gaz Muharremi, as the inspiration from the pint-sized ride came from turning a young boy’s dream into a reality.

“To begin, we needed that pure inspiration only a child could have; a true young adventurer. Luckily we had the perfect candidate – Gaz’s son, Leart,” Bujar explained to Bikeexif.

“Like many of us, he dreams of total freedom to explore the wilderness and mix it with a decent dose of adrenaline. Inspired by our Type 7s, he wanted a motorcycle that would go anywhere and look the part. Either in the woods where he can let loose or in his dad’s garage where he can share the enjoyment of it with his mates.”

The English-based garage, therefore, approached the build in the same manner as they do with all their builds. The unique design of the small Type 0.1 features both an off-road and on-road approach, boasting a single speed 50cc two-stroke Italian Franco Morini engine. The frame and the 10” wheels from another mini bike from the 1970’s make a unique look while the forks come from a modern mini bike for a sleek, understated look. What is more, the ride also features a custom exhaust system, that even features a heat shield to keep your legs safe and secure.



Check out the Auto Fabrica Type 0.1 in the image gallery above, and head to the Auto Fabrica website to check out more of their exciting custom builds.