In the illustrious world of luxury watches, few timepieces command attention and admiration quite like the Rolex Batman. The mere mention of its name evokes a sense of mystery and sophistication that transcends the realm of horology. Launched at Baselworld 2013, the Rolex Batman, officially known as the GMT-Master II ref. 116710BLNR, swiftly became a symbol of contemporary elegance and ground-breaking innovation.


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How did the Rolex Batman come to be?

The genesis of the Rolex Batman can be traced back to Baselworld 2013 when Rolex unveiled its GMT watch. What set this timepiece apart was its revolutionary blue and black bezel, a striking departure from the monochromatic bezels that had defined previous GMT-Master models. Rolex's proprietary ceramic alloy, Cerachrom, played a pivotal role in this innovation. The company had faced challenges working with this material, initially limiting them to monochromatic bezels. However, the Batman GMT marked a breakthrough, introducing a two-tone Cerachrom bezel that was not only visually captivating but also exceptionally robust and resistant to fading.

The "BLNR" in the reference number stands for "Bleu Noir," reflecting the watch's unique blue-black bezel. Notably, the Batman was the sole stainless steel GMT-Master II with this extraordinary feature for several years.

Why is the Rolex Batman worth the investment

The Rolex Batman stands as a beacon of investment-worthy craftsmanship. Its limited production run and the distinction of being the last stainless steel GMT-Master II equipped with an Oyster bracelet make it a coveted collector's item. The allure of the original Batman has driven prices on the secondhand market to more than double since its 2013 debut, with waiting lists stretching from months to years.

While the 2019 release of an updated Rolex Batman with improved specifications garnered attention, the original Batman remains a favorite among collectors. Its timeless appeal and historical significance ensure that it will continue to command high prices at auctions for years to come.

Rolex Batman 116710BLNR: 2013-2018

Defined by its distinctive blue and black Cerachrom bezel, the original Batman, ref. 116710BLNR, showcased the evolution of the GMT-Master II. Equipped with the Caliber 3186 movement, a robust 24-hour hand, and a Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring, it set new standards for functionality. The "Maxi" dial, larger hands, and hour markers, along with the exclusive Oyster bracelet and Oysterlock clasp, enhanced its overall appeal.

Rolex Batman 126710BLNR: 2019-Today

In 2019, the Rolex Batman underwent a transformation with the release of the GMT-Master II 126710BLNR. The most significant change was the introduction of the five-link Jubilee bracelet, a departure from the original's three-link Oyster bracelet. This new edition, colloquially referred to as the "Batgirl," brought a touch of elegance to the iconic design. Rolex, mindful of varied preferences, reintroduced the Oyster bracelet as an option in 2021. The 126710BLNR also featured a redesigned case with slimmer lugs for a refined feel on the wrist. The new-generation Caliber 3285 movement, with an extended power reserve of 70 hours, marked a notable upgrade, enhancing the watch's technical prowess.

Are Rolex Batmans hard to find?

The original Rolex Batman's limited production and growing demand have rendered it a sought-after collector's piece, with waiting lists stretching for extended periods. The surge in prices on the secondhand market attests to its desirability. While the 2019 upgrade brought enhanced specifications, the enduring appeal of the original Batman ensures its place as a favorite among collectors. As demand continues to outstrip supply, the Rolex Batman, whether in its classic or updated form, remains a horological treasure that is both challenging to find and a wise investment for those fortunate enough to secure one.

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