Sitting 1,230 metres above sea level and latched onto an eternally sunny plateau in the Dolomites, Italy, is the boutique Miramonti Boutique Hotel. Although the alpine retreat does have the luxury of its views – boasting magnificent bird’s eye vistas of Alto Adige – it is the hotel's eclectic design that makes it a notable Italian stop-over.

The cleverly balanced interior marries the roots of the region – through a multitude of vintage furniture that references the mountainous culture of the setting – with touches of contemporary design. The expansive interior also draws a modern influence through the influx of a light material palette and warm wooden facades.

The incredible architecture stretches most impressively into the salt-water infinity pool that presides over the top of The Alps. The nature-mimicking pool acts as an ingenious way of connecting the modern hotel with the dense surrounding woodlands; whilst also adding an everlasting sense of romance that makes the Miramonti so special.

Visit the Miramonti Boutique Hotel website to book your stay.

Photography courtesy of Tiberio Sorvillo.

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