When you think of Danish design, what exactly comes to mind? Probably an image of a tastefully minimalist white room, carefully populated with a few pieces of mid-century furniture, a bit of select greenery and a strong monochrome colour palette. Can you see it? Well, be prepared to adjust that image so slightly to accommodate the versatile and refined array of ceramics from the latest name to arrive at OPUMO, Raawii.

The independent design studio flies in the face of convention with its colourful, stylish and boundary-pushing homeware collection. The Copenhagen-based brand was founded in 2017 and in its short time of existence has produced a vast collection of homeware that adheres to three simple rules; a sense of proportion, room for independent designers, and production with respect for people and society. The result is a series of objects built on solid foundations that are distinguished by their refined contemporary form.



But most importantly, what sets Raawii apart is the revision of longstanding staples. In its latest collection of ceramics, designed exclusively by Nicholai Wiig-Hansen, you’ll find updated versions of all your favourite neutrals – from more sophisticated beiges to pastel hues of green and greys – and you’ll also discover that bold pops of vibrant colours like blues and reds are coming into play, infusing homes with more personality.

The latest Raawii collection proves the requisite that accessible design is good design, as the carefully curated series is available in a range of bowls, vases and jugs, with each individual piece of a different height and shape to allow them to work independently or in conjunction. Which, is perhaps the greatest strength of the collection.


It’s also a collection that leans towards minimalism, while staying inviting. Every single Raawii piece is an invitation to play; you can mix their colours and shapes or build compositions of one colour. These rich colours are perfecting for adding depth and dimension to any room in the house as they’re versatile enough that they can work just as well in a living room as they do in a bedroom or kitchen.

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