New names, new discoveries and new items that you never knew you wanted until you saw them; we’ve got it all. In this week’s bite-sized selection of the latest and greatest arrivals in menswear, sneakers, lifestyle, art and audio we have our favourite knitwear from the YMC, Taschen’s new Zaha Hadid tome and some of the most comfortable shoes you’ll wear this season thanks to Yogi. We think you’ll like it.

Add A Little Bit Of Harmony To Your Home: Menu Black Kaschkasch Floor Mirror

Menu’s very own description of the triangular sculpted Black Floor Mirror states that ‘there is nothing more rewarding than a product that presents both a clever innovation and an eye-catching design’. It’s a better intro than we could have written ourselves to be honest. Ideal for homes with limited-space, the full-length triangular shaped mirror – designed by Kaschkasch – slots neatly into corners leaving a small footprint but maximum impact.

Learn From A Legend: Taschen Hadid Complete Works 1979 – Today Book

Legend is a word so over-used that it has lost the power of its original sentiment, but not in this instance. This new beautifully curated Taschen title – Hadid Complete Works 1979–Today – is a complete monograph of Zaha Hadid and it traces the detailed development of the first female architect to win the Pritzker prize and the first great architect of the 21st century. It’s full of unique photographs, in-depth analysis and Hadid’s own drawings that document her audacious imagination and her interpretation of architecture, furniture and interior design.


Go Green: YMC Sage Green Luddites Crew

At the start of a new week sometimes it pays to either a) purchase something a little bit premium, or b) treat the special someone in your life to something that is a little bit out of the ordinary. If you’re looking for something to fill that void, then look no further than the Sage Green Luddites Crew Sweater from YMC. Knitted in Scotland, the jumper is a muted take on the overriding pastel colour trend with its sage green hue and simple raglan sleeves. It is also crafted from a soft cashwool blend which you don't really appreciate how comfortable it is until you wear it.

Focus On The Finer Details: Alex Orso Silver Disc

It was only last week that we waxed lyrical about the latest selection of men’s jewellery from Alex Orso, so for us to be banging on about them again just a week later shows just how special the selection is. This solid Silver Disc Necklace has a two-tone design with the front featuring a dappled surface and the reverse a brushed satin finish. The best thing is that all Alex Orso necklaces are tailored to the exact length you desire, so they will feel comfortable and personal to you.

OPUMO YMC Sage Green Crew

OPUMO Alex Orso Necklace

Put Comfort First: Yogi Charcoal Lawson Suede Moccasins

Yogi shoes are the kind of smart-casual wonders you need to be investing in because they are not only versatile in the way you can wear them wherever and whenever, but they’re also incredibly comfortable. A key concept of all Yogi footwear is the creation of the ‘Negative Heel’ where the heel is made slightly lower than the rest of the shoe to secure alignment of the spine when walking, improving comfort and posture. It’s a small detail that makes an incredible difference when it comes to wearing a pair of shoes day-in-day-out. Plus, with their hand crafted full leather suede uppers, leather laces and crepe sole unit they look great too.

OPUMO Yogi Moccasins

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