We had a think about what our ideal Monday would be and, after a bit of discussion, we came to an agreement. It begins with an armchair and a side table with a surface large enough for a pot of coffee or tea. What would we do in the chair?  We’d surely need a book to sink our teeth into and a light providing ample relaxing light. The final touch to this serene situation comes in the form of colourful decoration to add some vitality. So, we turned to some of the brands we’re loving the most right now for some help: Menu, Flos, Taschen and Raawii help us to realise the ambient Monday dream.

5 things

Menu Black Androgyne Side Table

A fine partner to the precise minimalism of Demarzo’s Leno Armchair, Menu’s Androgyne Side Table is the only table we want by our side on a Monday. Composed of strong, slim lines, Androgyne features a marble top that elevates the piece without negating its minimalist appeal.

5 things

5 things

Taschen Bauhaus Updated Edition Book

This is the true key to our dream Monday. Without an interesting book to read, a day in an armchair loses a lot of its appeal. We’re opting for Taschen’s Bauhaus book in celebration of a century of the iconic style. This 400-page work is sure to keep you engaged for days. Read about the minds behind the movement as well as gaining exclusive access to architectural plans and more.

Raawii Yellow Small Jug

We’re not sure what we’ll put in the jug, but we are sure that it’ll add an explosion of character to the scene. Contrasting with the minimal, black decor this bright ceramic jug boasts flowing curves instead of sharp geometry. Whether you fill it with a drinking or flowers, it’s sure to add energy to an interior.

5 things

Flos Black Aim Pendant Light

It’s as though this trio were made to go together, the thin lines of the Leno Armchair and the Androgyne Side Table are continued by the cord of the Flos Aim Pendant Light. Simple and graceful, the varnished aluminium body of the lamp can be oriented to spotlight pieces of furniture or, as we envisage it, a book that you plan to read all day long.

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