Christian Dell worked as a metal workshop foreman from 1922 to 1925. This wasn’t just any metal workshop though, it was the metal workshop at the Bauhaus in Weimar. After his time as a foreman, Dell began to sketch lamps for a lamp factory named Gebr. Kaiser & Co. in Neheim Hüsten. 10 years later, in 1936, the company launched the first catalogue which included a sketch of the 6631 Luxus. The choice of premium materials and unparalleled engineering positioned this table lamp as the top model in the series. It was distinguished by its unusual, flowing curvature and pioneering use of plastic. Christian Dell’s Kaiser Idell design is still going strong in 2020, looking as modern as ever, but now comes in a range of styles courtesy of Fritz Hansen. Here are our favourites.

kaiser idell

Fritz Hansen Matt Black Kaiser Idell Floor Lamp

Fritz Hansen’s Kaiser Idell Floor Lamp is an elegant addition to any room. Maintaining the original design’s gently domed lampshade, this floor lamp offers a cosy, indirect light. Standing at 1250mm, this lamp is the perfect height for the corner of a bedroom or living room, overlooking your favourite reading chair. A slight angle to the supporting bar ensures that it hangs conveniently over your shoulder without imposing on the room.

kaiser idell

Fritz Hansen Black Kaiser Idell Wall Lamp

The most recognisable element of the Kaiser Idell design is undoubtedly the lamp shade. This makes the model easy to transform without losing its essence. Take the Kaiser Idell wall lamp for example. While it’s much smaller and features a different mechanism to any of the other lamps, the ‘scissor lamp’ is still strikingly recognisable. The wall-mounted lamp boasts a swivelling shade and a flexible scissor arm with an adjustable length from 470mm to 890mm.

kaiser idell

Fritz Hansen Matt Black Desk Lamp

The Kaiser Idell Desk Lamp is our favourite of the bunch. We think it’s the most universally useful size. While the floor lamp and wall lamp certainly come into their own in the right scenario, a desk lamp is always useful. Although this desk lamp is a modern update on the original style, it carries the signature lampshade, pivoting on a world-patented swivel joint and embossed with ‘Original Kaiser-Idell’. We love the matte black appearance of this style, it’s both sleek and subtle.

kaiser idell

kaiser idell

Fritz Hansen Matt Black Kaiser Idell Pendant Lamp

Fritz Hansen’s Kaiser Idell Pendant Lamp combines two of the original model’s fundamental parts: the swivel joint and the classic shade. A minimal and compact design means that this pendant light fits naturally into many settings. Try it above your kitchen or dining table, or perhaps in a more commercial setting like a meeting room. Either way, its distinctive lack of details and bold shapes will stand out without dominating a room.

Kaiser idell

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