Summer is fast approaching and instead of lecturing you on how to shed that spare tyre and feeding you with the patronising tones that are associated with being ‘beach ready’ – we have made a practical guide to get you ready for weekend ahead. In the face of the ongoing wet weather, we’ve started the weekend forecast by taking a look at two parallel worlds – the city and the countryside - and we have curated a selection of seasonal essentials to ensure you don’t go empty handed or unprepared for either of those trips. No lectures, no lessons, no far-flung holidays – it’s all about helping you get through the weekend with no sweat. So, where are you heading?

Whether you’re treading the pavements of a familiar city or far-away one, you need to be equipped for every eventuality – come rain or shine, hard work or relaxation. Unless you plan to spend the whole weekend propping up your favourite bar – and, although we do not necessarily advocate such plans, we could think of worse places to spend a weekend – then being in the city is sure to involve a lot of walking, so a dependable pair of sneakers is of the utmost importance.

Adidas’ NMD_R1 Bedwin Night Grey Core Black Sneakers fit the bill for a city break courtesy of their comfortable knitted uppers and understated pinstripe design. As for the feet up, you should look to lightweight layering, which is a technique mastered by Swedish-based brand Uniforms for the Dedicated, whose technical Black Biopolymer Field Jacket can easily be thrown over a Wax London White / Navy Long Sleeve T-Shirt or a crisp White Cotton Shirt for the transition from day into night. And to keep things in check, don’t forget the essentials; a simple, well-balanced Bravur wristwatch will ensure you’re always on time, while a dependable Le Cord Charging Cable will keep you fully juiced for the all-important Instagram and Citymapper updates.



We spoke about the importance of layering in the city, but when it comes to the countryside you have to think a little bit harder than just packing a few extra t-shirts. The key to packing for this kind of trip is thinking about layers that you can remove or pile on as the weather dictates. A soft-touch t-shirt, such as the Norse Projects Light Grey Melange Niels, is the perfect base to start everything from. From there you can add a twill overshirt from Schnayderman’s and a Black Down Quilted Waistcoat from Timothy Everest for a rugged, utilitarian finish. And because you’re likely to be packing considerably more for a day of fresh air, you will need to stow your belongings in a capacious bag – like the Mismo Supply Holdall that is finished in the appropriate tones of army green and cuoio. Finally, it pays to consider the small things too; the easily transportable London Undercover Folded Umbrella for instance, and to avoid the tedious trip to hunt out your favourite grooming products, stash away a travel-friendly Scaramouche + Fandango Body Wash for good measure.