Introduced at the London Motor Show in October 1963, the Ford Corsair was available until 1970. During this time, an automobile coachbuilder built a convertible version for Ford: The Ford Corsair Crayford. This version of the vehicle is much more rare and highly sought after as a classic.

Corsair 1

The Ford Corsair Crayford had bold styling for its time, the sharp horizontal V-shaped creased at the front of the car which houses the headlights was a particularly noticeable aspect that gave the car its aerodynamic shape. In keeping with this styling, the body boasts jet-like styling that was shared with the early 1960s Ford Thunderbird.

Corsair 2

Finished in a gleaming Caspian Metallic Blue, this rare example is in good condition having had a full body restoration 6 years ago. The paint is showing signs of age on close inspection but exudes flawless style from a distance. The shape of the Ford Corsair Crayford has been accentuated by lower sill trims that lend the example a more sporty feel.

Corsair 3

The spacious interior allows comfortable room for five and is highlighted by a vintage wood trim fitted to the face of the dashboard. The convertible hood mechanism has been rebuilt and given a new fabric hood update.

While the exterior of the Ford Corsair Crayford looks ready to race, the comfortable interior complete with wood trims doesn’t speak of any urgency whatsoever, more suited to a leisurely drive in the sunshine.

You can get your hands on the wheel of this rare classic for only £19,995 at Great British Classics.

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