Conceived as an intimate retreat that will become part of its landscape, Oikos is a stunningly minimalist piece of architecture by Robert Nichol & Sons. Oikos is set just outside the Australian spa town of Hepburn Springs, and what it lacks in space, it makes up in superbly realised detail.


The architects describe Oikos as a "sculptural creation". The angular lines of its steel-clad exterior, designed to weather rust red, echo the rise and fall of Breakneck Gorge, as this area is known, perhaps as a warning to the unwary. The house itself appears to rise up at one end, as if it's just emerged from the earth.


Oikos is a courageous creation. Behind that rusting facade lies an interior designed to sooth the senses. Dark wood flooring and panelling is complemented by dark - often textured - walls, creating a womb-like ambience to the living area, even as picture windows take in the view over the valley.

A single sybaritic bedroom has its occupants waking to the outdoors through wall-sized glass. A sleek bath invites long soaks in an adjacent bathroom with its own large window and private view.

The very definition of small, but perfectly formed.

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Photography by Jack Lovel