High up in a new apartment block, a penthouse combines loft-style detailing with quirky features to create a fresh, stylish work-living space. The biggest surprise is that this singular residence is not in New York, Paris or London, but in Chisinau, the Moldovan capital.


Line Architects suggest their aim was to transform a relatively anonymous apartment into "a house on the roof". Character is added by textured walls with exposed brickwork suggesting a "loft" heritage. Concrete is left raw on ceilings to reveal the building's true origins.

Concealed projectors allow for wall-size projections. The kitchen is a minimalist pale wood counter backed by a bank of white cupboards.

Main rooms open out onto a wraparound balcony with panoramic views over the Soviet-style architecture that still characterises much of central Chisinau, in sharp contrast to the highly contemporary style within.

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A bath in a metal frame is casually at home in the open plan bedroom, where a tree trunk forms a striking feature. Walk in wardrobes have glassed walls, as if to turn a collection of shoes into an exhibition piece.

Sharply of-the-moment, yet intimate and cosy, this penthouse invites both quiet evenings and expansive entertaining.

Photography by Oleg Bajura


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